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Carbon Neutral Resources Laboratory


Consultation for Nano-Cellulose, Biomass Energy, Paper making, and Coating




Biomass Energy


Paper making






Production Trends for Paper and Paperboard in the World





Hideki Fujiwara Ph.D.



TAPPI Fellow


Member of the TAPPI International Research Management Committee


Senior Advisor, the Marcus Wallenbery Prize      





Prizes and Past Work


2008 TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Division Award iCharles W. Engelhard Medallion and Honorariumj


2011 - 2012 Invited Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science, the University of Tokyo


2013 Invited Professor, Asian Institute of Technology in Thai land



Former Director, General Manager, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.




Email:   home@carboneut.com


PhoneF@090 7013 0620


Buzo 3-18-3-104, Minami-ku, Saitama, 336-0025 Japan